Donald Trump’s debut as a U.S. president has been filled with situations, events, talks, that illustrate the viability a digital, apolitical currency like Bitcoin.

Meanwhile the precursor to this post covered Trump’s policies and talking points that were beneficial for the growth of Bitcoin, this article will cover Bitcoin-related events that influence the U.S. president in any sort of way.

Recently, Donald J. Trump posted about his dislike for Bitcoin on twitter, though it appears members of Congress are now realizing that they would not be able to prohibit crypto currencies in any sort of way. 

In every situation, where’s Bitcoin taking part, it’s another chance for more people to learn and study about the value of peer-to-peer digital cash system. 

1. Trump And Russia 

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) got hacked during 2016 election period, supposedly by hackers associated with Russian intelligence. Email evidence that was part of the hack was eventually posted by WikiLeaks, that has a long history with Bitcoin. 

These DNC emails show a preference for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders amongst the leaders of DNC. But, this was very beneficial for Trump, because they really fed up the “Crooked Hillary” narrative. 

The U.S. Department of Justice later revealed a Bitcoin hook-up to the DNC hack in the form of an allegation that the Russian government used the cryptocurrency to fund some of its shady activities related to the assault. In more detail, a Russian team of hackers is said to have used Bitcoin to proceed payments related to the attack, in addition to crypto mining.

Also, there was a story of Trump’s senior advisor and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, receiving an email threatening him to release president’s tax returns unless a ransom of 52 bitcoin was paid. The one sending the email was impersonating one of the hackers standing behind the DNC attack.

2. Cambridge Analytica

During 2016 presidential election, Trump’s campaign worked with political company Cambridge Analytica, which is well-known as the firm that was able to access personal data of millions of American Facebook users without them knowing.

Whole Cambridge Analytica disgrace has made the public more conscious about how large amount of their personal data is accessible to companies through internet. Such as restricting what sort of data is put in hands of Google, Facebook etc. 

Former Cambridge Analytica executive Brittany Kaiser admitted, that she donated Bitcoin to Wikileaks in the new Netflix documentary movie The Great Hack 

3. Darknet Market Crackdowns

Third incident that includes trump as well as Bitcoin is his focus on shutting down many darknet markets. According to former U.S. Attorney, Trump ordered various law enforcement agencies to go after these websites, 

Such as Senator Charles Schumer’s outrage over Silk Road back in late 2011, can really get these situations to the center of the action, because of the fact that people can get illegal items delivered right to their door – just as easily, as any other item.

Indeed, according to explorations of these markets, they really grew up much stronger after these very well known scandals.

Just as Donald J. Trump stated in one of his books, “bad publicity is sometimes better than no publicity at all”, that applies for the darknet markets as well.

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