Silk Road creator and author Ross Ulbricht tried to get his life sentence for drug trafficking and money laundering vacated Monday — nevertheless the judge immediately rejected the request, citing procedural issues.

Ulbricht’s lawyer argued his sentence should be thrown out because his lawyers at the time failed to advise him to take a plea deal that could have resulted in a lighter sentence.

Manhattan federal court judge Lorna Schofield immediately declared the submission “moot,” as one of Ulbricht’s ex-lawyers, have not filed paperwork formally withdrawing from the case.

The judge gave Ulbricht, who went by the name “Dread Pirate Roberts”, until Sept. 6 to refile his request that the court threw out his 2015 sentence.

Jurors sentenced the Ulbricht in February 2015 on various raps related to running Silk Road, which let people buy and sell meth, cocaine, heroin and other illegal items in exhange for bitcoin.

The feds seized $48 million from Ulbricht.

Ulbricht previously appealed in the Second Court of Appeals and the US Supreme Court but did not succeed in either attempt. He’s serving his sentence at Arizona’s maximum security prison, USP Tuscon.

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