A gang from the british isles is facing a total of over 20 years behind the bars for selling drugs on the darknet in exchange for Bitcoin.

Unfortunately enough, drug dealing where cryptocurrencies are taking part as a payment instrument is nothing unusual.

In the past, it looked like the drug lords have quit bitcoin and instead started getting paid in Monero. But now, as we mentioned before, a gang in Britain has been sentenced to long prison sentences for selling drugs in exchange for bitcoin.

 The dealers were selling large amounts of marihuana, cocaine, and MDMA via darkweb, claims the BBC.

The leader sentenced for 12 years

The head of the gang is sentenced to twelve years behind the bars. One of the companions got sentenced to prison for roughly ten years and another one is sentenced to 14 months behind bars.

Police managed to arrest the men via intel that they received from the FBI and DNA matching of the packages in which the drugs were sent.

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