In october 2011, Deepweb marketplace SilkRoad was launched, using cryptocurrency named Bitcoin and defensive technologies protecting anonymity. Within a few months, the authorities began to track it, mostly because of drug trafficking. Get to know the story of the infamous Ross Ulbricht, who was convicted of running Silk Road and later sentenced to life. 

After short intro, we’re heading to New York city, where the trial with  ,,Boss” of the Silk Road began on january 13. 2015, which is a black market in the depths of the internet, so called DeepWeb. Deep web is every unindexed content, such as banking data, codes of government, companies, universities. 

Silk Road ad has popped up In summer 2011, saying that you can get everything you think of over there, but mostly drugs and illicit items. Approximately 13000 items on Silk Road contained drugs, fake documents, or murder on order. The marketplace was supposed to be anonymous thanks to the TOR browser technology and Bitcoin, but that worked for just a while. It seemed like Silk Road was ran by a community, not an individual, but later an administrator who called himself “Dread Pirate Roberts” appeared. He posted to topics and threads, supported newcomers etc.  In the end, he provided an interview, where he was of course very secretive and marked himself as only the successor of the main administrator. 

The initial thought was anonymous market, later it was decrease of violence within drug sales – now anybody could buy them, anywhere, and really easily. 25 years ago, there was a group of hackers, mathematics and cryptoanarchists, known as ,,cipherpunks”. 

They didn’t like it either, that the government claimed everything in electronic form. First cipher tools that had to protect anonymity and anonymous exchange of data were born back then.

Though, in late 2013 a lawsuit apperead, also the name “Ross Ulbricht” was mentioned.
Ross was born and raised in a ordinary mid-class family, he had a sister and his parents were renting real-estate on the coast of Costa Rica. He was a promising mathematician getting scholarships, and after year 2006, he became intersted about libertarianism.

After graduating, he started his own business, secondhand bookshop. Part of his profits went to the municipal youth program and the remaining books to prisons to suppport literacy.
Unfortunately, the sales weren’t going so well, so he decided to leave.

Later, he created the infamous deepweb market known as Silk Road…

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