Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht already spent six years in prison and has 34 years and two life sentences to go unless a petition created by his mother and sister lead to a grant ofclemency.

A petition trying to free Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht is gotalmost 200,000 signatures already. Ulbricht is currently serving a 40-year sentence on top of a two life sentences for his role as theleader of the defunct darkweb website Silk Road.

Ulbricht is only six years into his sentence and his mother LynUlbricht recently attended a blockchain conference in Toronto to defend her child.

Mrs. Ulbricht hopes that if she collects enough signatures, President Donald J. Trump will grant her son clemency.

The online petition currently has more nearly 200,000 signatures, including Litecoin creators signatures, Charlie Lee, Roger Ver and Tim Draper.

A number of politicians and movie stars have also expressed theirsupport for Ross Ulbricht.


According to Mrs. Ulbricht, Ross is not a bad person, an idealist, and also a libertarian. She said:

“I didn’t think of him as someone who was interested in technology persay, but he was interested in Bitcoin because he was a freedom guy. He worked on the Ron Paul campaign. He was very interested in Bitcoin as a means to monetary freedomfor people.”

The Audacity of Hope


Both Mrs. Ulbricht and Ross’s sister Cally are hoping that petition will set him free, and nothing would make them happier than to have their son and brother home for his 36th birthday.

Ross also seems to be wishing for the same outcome and a recenttweet of a handwritten note shows his desire to “turn 36 in freedom”.


President Trump Can Save the Day


It’s hard to tell whether the possibility of Ulbricht attainingfreedom in the near future is possible or not. Fortunately, President Donald Trump has proven to be dedicated to prisonreform and a number of convicted criminals have seen theirsentences change or have received pardons from the white house.

Trying to convince Donald Trump to get Ulbricht’s sentence vacated could be the last stop as the U.S. Supreme Court chosenot to hear Ulbricht’s case for appeal in June 2018.  

Placing all of one’s hope in President Trump could lead to disappointment however, because the President previously has tweeted his dislike for cryptocurrencies.


Trump is clearly not a fan of cryptocurrencies and links their use with criminal activity.

Regardless of the outcome, Lyn Ulbricht hopes that blockchain and cryptocurrency investors at least recognize that her son’searly involvement in the sector served as a catalyst for bringingBitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology into the public sphere. Mrs. Ulbricht said:


“…if it weren’t for Ross and his vision, very few people wouldhave heard of Bitcoin and many of the people would have heardof Bitcoin and many of the people who have become wealthywould not be wealthy if not for Ross. I’m asking them pleasedon’t forget him. He helped make this possible and now we needyour help.”

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